Rotisserie Chicken

Roasted using our secret spice recipe, original Rotisserie Chicken that's better the real thing!

Our signature dish is the Rotisserie Chicken – whole chicken that has been marinated for 2 days in our special recipe of 14 herbs and spices, roasted to perfection on our in-house rotisserie.
The flavour from the juicy chicken soaked in our secret spice recipe, once tasted, will leave you asking for more! Please also try our roast potatoes, best eaten dipped in the juices from the chicken.
Served in sizes whole, half and quarter – please come and try it for yourself.
Chefs and dishes

Serving renowned Master Chefs' dishes, in a casual setting for reasonable prices!

With the owner chef of legendary French restaurant 'Vincennes Service', Japan's French cuisine master chef Kazuyuki Sakai as chief advisor of cuisine, the executive chef at the Shimbashi main branch, Yuta Matsuura, earned his reputation at the renowned bistro, Bistro Par Hasard as well as apprenticing under Kazuyuki Sakai. The various dishes on the menu have been developed by these chefs with extensive experience in established eateries around Tokyo and combine elements of both the subtle nuances of French cuisine and the comforting strength of Italian cuisine to make authentic wholesome dishes, to be enjoyed in a casual bar-style for reasonable prices!

Profiles of Chief Advisor and Executive Chef

kazuyuki sakai kazuyuki sakai

Chief Advisor
Kazuyuki Sakai

After studying at the acclaimed 5 star hotel 'Le Meurice' in Paris, he spent the next 13 years in Paris as sous-chef at the Hotel Le Meridien before returning to Japan. Upon his return, he opened the legendary French restaurant 'Vincennes' in Shibuya and the Bistro Par Hasard in Akasaka largely contributing to the birth of French cuisine in Japan. While holding important positions in organisations related to French cuisine, he has been awarded numerous awards from the Ministry of Health, LAbour and Welfare including the Minister Award. He has widely been considered one of the master chefs of French cuisine in Japan and is also well known for introducing the ‘gibier (wild game)’ style of cuisine to Japan. His long list of famous apprentices include Keisuke Matsushima whose restaurant ‘KEISUKE MATSUSHIMA’ in Nice, France was awarded a Michelin star.
Yuta Matsuura Yuta Matsuura

Shinbashi Head branch Executive Chef
Yuta Matsuura

Started working at master of French cuisine, Kazuyuki Sakai's company 'Vincennes Service' in 1997. After receiving a mentorship from Chef Sakai himself and subsequently working as executive chef at various French restaurants around Tokyo, started his current position as executive chef of Queen of Chickens in 2013 after being recommended by Chef Sakai.

Whole fruit soaked Brandy Spritzer

Mixing tonic with our homemade fresh fruit soaked Fruit Brandy, our'Brandy Spritzer'comes in 6flavours.The natural sweetness of the fresh fruit provides a great match for our speciality dishes.
Fresh fruit-soaked Brandy Spritzer

All-you-can-eat Bagna Cauda hors d'oeuvre!

Feel free to keep ordering the all-you-can-eat Bagna Cauda hors d'oeuvre!
Feel free to keep ordering the all-you-can-eat Bagna Cauda hors d'oeuvre!

★Power source at each site!

There is a power source under every seat/table.
Feel free to use to charge your phone or PC.


Every 28th of the month is 'Chicken Day', every 29th 'Meat Day' and every Weds is 'Ladies Night'! Please check the event calendar for more details.

★Sports Broadcasts on in-house Monitors!

Fully equipped with large monitors so you can enjoy your food while watching your favourite sports! Come and join in at one of the popular football match broadcasts!

★Anniversary Plate Service!

For any customer celebrating an anniversary or birthday we will serve a special message included plate free of charge! No reservation needed, requests on the day also fine! Watch the whole restaurant join in celebration with the staff – BGM also provided!
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