[ company profile ]

Company Name
Essence Co. Ltd.
Hideki Takahashi
Head Office
1F Liberty 8, 3-8-8 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo TEL. 03-6809-2595
Accounting Department
6F Prologis Park Tokyo-Ohta, 1-3-6 Tokai, Ota-ku, Tokyo TEL.03-3790-8183
Business Description
Authentic Rotisserie Chicken Bar & Dining
・Restaurant Operation/Management ・Franchise Business

[ Corporate Philosophy ]

"Let's ALL be happy!" Management that brings smiles and happiness
to everyone involved through "Food Health Beauty"

★ Management Philosophy

1. The essence of management
2. The pursuit of the essence
3. To live holding the values of the essence.
We at ESSENCE Co. Ltd. are a company that aims to bring happiness to everyone involved practicing these 3 philosophies.

★ Restaurant Philosophy

"The restaurant is a stage and all the staff are actors"

★ Staff Principles

"Do everything that would make YOU happy if you were a customer!"