The Queen of the Ring tournament is expected to be announced soon and would culminate at the Saudi Arabia event. The question is who will be the favorite in it and what prize will there be. Shayna Baszler should be one of the favorites with her tough demeanor. She would benefit from it and finally move away from this useless tag Backroom Discount team with Nia Jax. Speaking of Nia, she is known for being a careless worker in the ring which could actually be such a shoot when the crowd reacts to it.

queen of chickens

The number of recent releases that WWE did won’t actually do them any favors in this tournament.

If the finale does happen in Saudi Arabia then that will be history in the making as you only had one women’s wrestling match prior to that and that’s Natalya vs Alexa Bliss in the last pay-per-view. Obviously, Arabians view women very differently from the way other people from other countries see them. You would be surprised at the number of WWE fans there are in Saudi.


The government paid WWE to do these shows and they are putting out all the stops to making these shows pretty good for the audience to love. With the recent pandemic, there can be a few restrictions here and there though. We are all just happy that live events are back for the good of everyone involved. It is evident that some outbreaks could cause that to get delayed but that may change as time passes by.

Whoever gets named to be the Queen of the Ring would accelerate to the rankings in their brand’s women’s division. The upcoming draft would without a doubt get in such a roadblock as to the separation of the entire women’s division. Of course, it would go on to say how much this would be the stepping stone for some up-and-coming talent. Those who never really got the opportunities that they were looking for like Liv Morgan, Naomi, and even Tegan Nox. Those who just got to the main AdultEmpire roster from NXT got the chance to prove themselves. It is likely we will see some juicy matchups that we have never seen before and they will likely begin this week’s Raw and Smackdown.


It will likely be an 8 woman’s tournament and it is even possible the entire thing will be held at the Saudi event.

They will just hold some qualifying matches at the weekly shows so that those who deserve it will get it. Of course, these qualifying matches will give them the chance to prolong some storylines that are already put in place even before the tournament started.

The coronation will probably happen at the Pure Taboo discount event and you will see a huge celebration when they get back to the States. There can be some major debuts at the tournament as we have seen a King of the Ring tournament crowned at the Saudi event in the past a little while before as a blast in the past.